Monday, September 8, 2014

We're doing a Kickstarter!

Highlands is officially making a Kickstarter this october!

Team Burrito need your help to achieve our goal of making the great game that we've always had in mind!

We've spent the week preparing our kickstarter campaign so stay tuned for the official launch. If anybody isn't familiar with crowdfunding, here is a link to get Kickstarted!

This thursday we shot the raw footage for our Kickstarter trailer.  Here's an exclusive look at the behind-the-scene-award-winning-oscar-nominated-film-extraordinaire!

BurritoJo setting up the audio recording.

A  cool picture about BurritoJo not remembering his text.

BurritoFrank thinking about the meaning of life. And also his next Oscar.

Little technical problems.

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