Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Busy Week!

Quite a busy week at the studio!

Our beta 4 build is fresh out of the oven for private testing with lots of improvements and new stuff!  We invite those who already have beta keys to give us feedback (the game link has been updated to the new version at www.burritostudio.com).

We are also giving out some more keys so feel free to contact us at betatesting@burritostudio.com and try it out!

New features:
 - More intuitive UI: no more text on screen!
 - A brand new map to test!  This map contains advanced combat scenarios and also resources management (food and leadership).
 - When a character loses strength (hit points) in combat, he is no longer healed automatically.  A character can thus have a strength of 14/17, that will slowly replenish up to 17 at a rate of 1 point per turn.

The later system really adds a cool dynamic to combats and will be prone to evolve in the next versions.

BurritoJo is Maintaining a Daily Developer Log

If you want to have a personal take on the daily challenges of a game developer go follow BurritoJo's thread at http://forums.tigsource.com/index.php?topic=43081.

Comiccon Starts Upcoming Friday!

Feeling adventurous and attending Montreal Comiccon?  Come see us at artists booth 2640!

Kickstarter Kick-Off in Three Weeks!

The countdown has started!  Lots of events will happen around this big milestone so stay tuned.

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