Friday, August 22, 2014

So...What's Next?!

Hello there!

This week, BurritoMo and BurritoJo are taking over the blog to tell you what's coming up for Highlands!

We've been receiving our share of constructive feedback and are taking all of it into account. First and foremost: thanks to all of our testers and supporters! It's been very fun and helpful to read you guys. Now, here are some of the things we are currently working on for the next release:
  • We fixed the humongous screen problem! You can now resize the webplayer to fit your monitor, hooray!
  • We're making improvements on the UI.  We are converting those pesky numbers in simple and comprehensive icons. 
  • We have a new team member! A writer just joined us to help with story and dialogs.
  • The grey and very boring battle screen is getting a very much needed facelift. (see the image below)
  • New songs! (More epicness... but also some atmospheric soundscapes, for those who felt like they were watching LoTR while figuring out how to end a turn.)
  • A font. A FONT!!!
  • And much more... :B 

Also, new things are coming:
  • We will be introducing a new aspect of resource management: food. Because after all, building a resistance with no pizza shop in sight can wither the morale of the soldiers pretty quickly.
  • Leadership points will be used to accomplish actions other than just hiring some drunkard in the tavern.

 We will release a new build soon so stay tuned!

New modular buildings by BurritoLo

If you haven't already, you can ask for a beta key by e-mailing us at ! We are still taking all of your feedback so fire away and see you next week!

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