Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Graphic Design Challenges and Stuff...

So here we are! We have a creative game designer, a talented programmer and me, an animation student who’s still learning her craft, and we all have this one thing in common: a great game idea. But building a video game comes with many challenges, especially for newcomers like us.

I specialize in 2D animation and illustration, and have no background whatsoever with graphic design. However, as an artist (and the only visual artist in the studio at its beginning), I had to be in charge of every visual aspect of the game: animation, illustration, concept art and map design, but also graphic design. I encountered a great deal of challenges trying to fit all these hats (and still do), but in the process I learned a lot about the making of a video game from scratch and I could experiment a lot, which is always awesome!

Here is an example of the UI evolution since this January.

UI by BurritoMo


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