Friday, January 9, 2015

Happy New Year!

Some of our Kickstarter backers had an early Christmas present last year with our release of Highlands beta 1 access!  This has been sent to more than 160 backers, thank you all for the feedback!  After a first week back from the holidays we are now working hard on beta 2 that will be released January 19th.  Also with most of the core mechanics and gameplay aspects of the game integrated, we are now ready to go full steam finishing all the in-game content we need.

Creating New Maps!

Since Monday, BurritoLo and BurritoFrank have been working full time on the production of new maps for Highlands. We brainstormed multiple ideas for the specific types of maps we want to develop and came up with several interesting designs:

By playing with the placement of the sectors, the number of enemies and the abundance of resources, we are able to make really cool scenarios. For example, some maps will encourage the player to make full scale assaults while others will force him to stretch his forces and defend multiple sectors. We’re also having great fun designing maps that force a player to rethink his strategy and his play style. Scenarios where recruitment will be limited and you will lead only a small squad and others where your forces will be separated at the beginning of the game and you will try to reunite them are challenges that awaits you in the game.

Those are only examples within the myriad of scenarios we thought of. There’s more where that came from!

Wokshop and Items

BurritoAl has been working feverishly into programming what will become the crafting system that will be available in private beta 2. This addition to the game will give the player an extra layer of strategy and complexity when it comes to managing his characters.

In-game, you will be able to craft your own items, find new blueprints, unlocking new items and assign them to your characters.

Polishing What We Have

Along with all those tasks, we are still going to work on all the elements we already have in our game and polish them as much as we can. With the last beta release we have been gaining valuable feedback from different players to make the most kickass game possible!

As always, thanks everyone and stay tuned: 2015 will be the year of Highlands!

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