Thursday, October 2, 2014

The Show Must Go On!

Preparing and launching a Kickstarter has been quite a ride for all the team!  We will make sure to write a post-mortem once it is over because we are learning a great lot.

Now the show must go on and we are back to a semi-functional schedule and full steam into production again!  Here is what our current dev sprint ending Oct 17 is about:

Docks, Elevators & Story

Those who played our private alpha or saw us at Comiccon played half of the first map with few story elements.  BurritoLo has just completed the assembly of the full map and the result is quite impressive!

The story draft for the first level is also set in stone by BurritoSim and getting integrated.

Still Better UI

BurritoFrank is always on the lookout for more intuitive ways to perform actions.  I won't delve too much into this topic because we still need to test it, but we are breaking down the user actions based on the recent feedback we had with alpha 4 and things look promising!

We are also at a polishing stage: finalizing UI assets & making sure that every input action gets a clear animated feedback as well as every ongoing effect on the map (fortifying sectors etc.)  That was one of the main concern of our testers: having a strong feel of reward when performing costly action or sense of progress when the action was ongoing.

We also solidified the concept of leveling & how different character classes learn different skills at different paces.

Ceacilia with combat strength of 17 and various skills like "Rally The People".  Formerly this action was performed by dragging on the sector yellow flag.

Testing out interfaces that will replace the current UI placeholders for sector stats.

Healing & Skirmish

All our early prototypes from last spring had a way for your combatants not to commit to combat and rather perform a quick sortie with a deadly blow and come back to safety (at the expense of leadership points) and it was quite fun!  We are putting the Skimish back, as well as a more elaborate healing system that will most likely be based on food.

Back to Programming!

BurritoAl is back programming full-time, we also bought a nice sleeping bag for him and are looking to find a mini-fridge!

Follow our blog if you want to see our progression.  The Kickstarter really cranked the expectations a notch and it's really good encouragement for us.  If you have any question or topic you'd like explored more feel free to ask!

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